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The winner of the Times Business Award for the Best Modular Kitchen and Appliances in Eastern India, Kutchina is a name you can trust when it comes to kitchen appliances. The brand is committed to making your culinary experience easy and enjoyable. Our products surpass customers’ expectations and market demands. With dedicated centralised customer-care centres with toll-free numbers, free maintenance, and assistance, we ensure that our relationship with customer grows after the sales. Kutchina products are technologically advanced, energy efficient and require low maintenance. Kutchina is a one-stop solution for all your culinary needs. From modular kitchens to advanced kitchen appliances, you name the product, we have it!

Kutchina products including chimney, hob, modular kitchen, and water purifier are designed to make your experience in the kitchen more enjoyable. Advanced auto-clean technology in Kutchina chimneys makes them one of our most sought after products. Our inbuilt hobs that come with mechanical timers and automatic ignition will give your kitchen a futuristic feel. Our water purifiers are first in India to have antioxidant technology which boosts immunity and detoxify the body. With 10 steps filtration technology, our water purifiers ensure that you enjoy clean and safe drinking water. We also help you give your kitchen a trendy and modern look with the latest modular kitchen designs. Our designs are high on ergonomics as well as aesthetics. We have over 17 years of experience in providing well-designed kitchens that are equipped with top-class shutters, storage solutions, and hardware accessories.

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