Service Policy

Updated November 2023


Kutchina warrants this product to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship within one year from the date of purchase / installation as provided in the warranty registration card.

This Warranty is subject to the following terms and conditions –


Claims & Repairs

1. This warranty is not transferable and shall cover the Equipment here in only at the location mentioned herein, subject however to clause no. # 2 and this warranty shall cease forthwith if the customer ceases to be the owner of the set.


2. In the event on any changes in address, the customer must inform the company 2 weeks in advance giving full details of his/her new address. In such cases the company shall continue to provide maintenance services to the customer’s equipment at his/her new address provided the changed location is in the city or town with in the territory of the company’s service centre/s. If the customer for any reason whatsoever fails to inform the company about his/her change in the address, the company shall not be responsible and/or liable for the consequences arising there from

3. Warranty does not cover consumables parts / body parts like Extra candle, Mineral candle, Cabinets, front panel, Glass/plastic items, Rubber parts, Filter locks, accessories etc. of the products.


4. If any failure happens during the warranty period, the company will repair the product to its normal functions. Less than 1 years warranty period the candles, filters & R.O. membrane will be replaced only once if required.


5. Warranty is not covered to damages caused by normal wear & tear.


6. For any complain or service the customer has to call us at our customer care Toll Free No. 1800 419 7333 or mail us at .


7. If the company is of the opinion that the servicing of the equipment needs to be done at the service centre of the company, then the equipment shall be transported to the said service centre for servicing and cost of transportation shall be borne by the customer.


8. The liability of the company under the warranty is restricted to problem arising out of the normal functioning of the unit. The warranty does not cover the malfunctioning of the equipment or damage caused due to external factor, electrically short circuit, accident, fire or burning, riots, acts of god, voltage fluctuation etc.


9. This product is designed purely for domestic use by private individuals at home only.


10. The company shall not be liable or deemed to be under default or failure in performance when such failure or default arises direct or indirectly from causes beyond its responsible control including delay in servicing due to non-availability of any components parts, and/or accessories and/or if the company is preventing from performing its obligation under this warranty.



11. All defective parts replaces shall be company’s absolute property. The company shall be at liberty to deal with the said parts in any manner deemed fit without any obligation to return the said parts to the customer.


12. If any time during the tenure of the warranty it is found that the serial number appearing on the equipment is defaced in any manner and/or is not legible, the company shall have the right to discontinue the warranty with immediate effect. In the event, the customer shall not be entitled for any claim against the company.


13. The warranty terms will be effective for one year from the date of installation / date of purchase.


14. The customer has to register the details with the company within 15 days from the date of purchase to avail the free services during warranty.


15. All disputes subject to Kolkata jurisdiction.


The Warranty is Declared Null &Void in Following Cases

1. The completed warranty card is not presented to authorized service personnel at the time of service of the product.

2. Installation/service/repair/modification/carried out by persons other than those authorized by the company.

3. The product is not operated according to instructions given in the Operating Instruction Booklet/Manual.

4. Failure due to use of non-genuine parts

5. Failure due to user's negligence towards regular maintenance such as cleaning of filters etc.

6. Removal, alteration or tampering or obliterating of serial No. of products & its components.

7. Damages occurred due to improper external electric circuits & failure due to erratic power supply.

8. Damage to the product or any part/s due to transportation or shifting is not covered by warranty

9. Damage resulting to the product due to operation in an abnormally corrosive, Alkaline/acidic atmosphere & /or use of harmful chemicals

10. Failure due to misuse/negligence/action of pests, rodents/or act of god/lightning/ fire or flood, earthquake & fire due to short circuit.

11. The product is shifted outside India. 

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