The Upcoming Kitchen Trends of 2023

Updated on : 24th Aug, 2023

If you’re looking for the latest kitchen design trends for 2023, you’ve come to the right place. The current Kitchen space plays host to the whole family for a considerable chunk of the time we spend in our homes. As work from home is on trend, kitchens have become home offices, homeschooling hubs and an entertaining space too. Hence, When designing your new dream kitchen in 2023, balance timeless features with lively colours, patterns and textures that reflect your personality and design aesthetic. 

 Colour trends 

1) Timber tones - In the kitchen, we see an increased use of wood finishes, especially in two tones kitchens. Timber brings more interest to the single bold colour kitchen and is now combined with neutral shades of white, grey, beige, pink and green. The combination of timber doors and marble benchtops, and splash-backs look fabulous. Wood finishes can also be used sparingly to accent a part of the kitchen, like open shelves or upper cabinets.

3) Pink – There is no need to confine pink to the bedroom or bathroom. The pink kitchen looks just as classy. The pink palette is varied, and there are plenty of shades to choose from, ranging from baby and blush to candy, fuschia or shocking pink. Whichever shade in the palette you select for your kitchen, pink is a colour that imbues warmth, fun and a cheerful feel. So, introducing it into the heart of the home will help you to be in the pink of your health all day.

 4) Shades of green - Nature surrounds us in green, and it’s only natural to carry the colour to your kitchen. For a colour with the most varied shades in history, it makes for a gorgeous kitchen that will feel not only calming but healthy. It symbolizes peace, balance, and harmony. Jewel tones, especially a deep emerald, can convey a sense of luxury and elegance. Even olive green looks great when paired with a white backsplash. It just all depends on the mood you’re trying to set. Lighter tones can make a dark kitchen more spacious, while deeper tones are great for accenting walls or creating a cosier space. 

 5) Textures -If you prefer a farmhouse chic or classic style, On the flip side, a textured cabinet shutter is for you. There’s something about the groves and definition in these beautiful cabinets that really make you feel warm and right at home in any kitchen. Textured cabinets can be found in any colour, wood type or stone finish. 

 Design trends

 A Breakfast bar on the Kitchen island: An eat-in kitchen is perfect for a quick snack, on-the-go dinners, or casual family meals. Between banquettes, breakfast nooks, and islands, there are many ways to work a kitchen-dining room combo into your cooking space. The streamlined design is key to this modern eat-in kitchen. The island’s long counter creates the perfect area for snack time or breakfast without wasting valuable prep space. Backless stools, which can tuck mostly under the countertop and out of the traffic flow, help maintain the kitchen’s sleek, minimalist look. 

  Practical Pantries: A pantry is a cupboard that serves as a place to store food products and appliances, from jars of pasta and bottled sauces to an integrated coffee machine. The design usually includes a combination of shelving, drawers, door racks and pantry accessories to offer a variety of storage solutions, and can be tailored to a person’s available kitchen space and shape. Whether a free-standing pantry or a walk-in pantry, in case you have extra space, it is a must for every kitchen. It not only hides unwanted clutter but also helps you organize your kitchen needs in one place. Let there be light – It’s no secret that light profoundly impacts the look and feel of an interior. Proper lighting design makes the most of a kitchen and can make kitchen hardware trends shine even more in 2023. Minimalist line chandeliers and oversized pendant designs will be in fashion. 

 Mixed materials: A mix of more than one type of finish is gaining popularity. In 2023 there will be an increase in multi-material kitchens. This means wood, stone finish, and glass lacquer will sit alongside, complementing each other. The result will undoubtedly be visually and texturally pleasing. Combining old and new elements in the kitchen creates a more lived-in vibe.


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