Director’s Desk

As a Little boy, I would wake up to the sizzling sounds and spicy aromas of frying onions, garlic and veggies which was such a blissful feeling, I would follow my nose right into the kitchen and that’s where the bliss would wane. Chaos , grease and smoke permeated the room, In the midst of all this was my mother, sweaty and irritated, which proved cooking in our kitchen to be very taxing. It took away all the joy one could get from cooking.

In the current era, where technology is rapidly evolving,We, at Kutchina , welcomes the fascinating world of Technology which brings the Kitchen on the fingertips of every Individual.Our Constant innovations in the kitchen appliances is consider as one of the greatest enduring achievements in the kitchen industry, designed perfectly to deliver convenience to every esteemed customer.Backed by almost 16 years of rich experience in this industry, we have developed a team with strong dedication and commitment managing all aspects of a great cooking experience in a way that meets the expectations of every customer.

I extend my deepest gratitude to all my valued customer, for their trust, support, love & encouragement that has made Kutchina a brand, Now a Brand which is at par with International standard.

Namit Bajoria
(Managing Director, Kutchina)

2014, being a proud year for me since I could be a part of this industry, widely identified as Kutchina – an established kitchen brand created by Mr. Namit Bajoria, whose incredible effort and sharp business acumen years after years, has made it successful in the industry. Initially, we started with all the kitchen components and gradually expanded to modular kitchen with a separate division with a concept of giving you stylish and modernized kitchen where all the elements are handy and easy to use in the fast moving life.

In the era of advanced technologies, I gradually realized that our conventional work structure is coming under siege and business needs to be reshaped to go to exceptional heights considering competitive market. So, up gradation of product and process were my primary strategies followed by transformation of marketing set-up, training workforce, project forecast, network expansion of production and suppliers to keep the manufacturing process at its best and apparently all these became the spotlight to our success. All in all, we are driven to do more for our valued customers by increasing the pace of innovations and creativities to meet their unmet needs. We believe in delivering an extraordinary service by keeping our approaches and processes customized not only with customers, but also in our functions, maintaining the underlying ethics common. I am confident on my passionate team of professionals who aims at capturing your vision, to exceed your expectations and enhance your style of living by offering highest quality products. With our finest infrastructure and dedicated team, we are sure to stretch soon to all householdsthroughout India.

My sincerest thanks to all our esteemed customers for patronizing our products and keeping us hold to high standards. Your contribution to our phenomenal success has been instrumental and we are hopeful to grow more and more in the coming decades.

Areyan Bajoria
(Director, Kutchina)