As a little boy, I would wake up to the sizzling sounds and spicy aromas of frying onions, garlic and veggies which was such a blissful feeling.I would follow my nose right into the kitchen and that's where the bliss would wane. Chaos, grease and smoke permeated the room.

In the midst of all this was my mother, sweaty and irritated. Cooking in our kitchen proved very taxing. It took away all the joy one could get from cooking. That got me thinking, if only our kitchen was a better place to work in. This was the inspiration behind Kutchina. to p ut an e nd to slogging in a st uffy k itchen.

We not only work hard in welcoming new prospects but also provide our allies with a platform for research and development. Backed by 11 years of experience in the industry, tremendous knowledge and a team of dedicated individuals committed to servicing our valued customers, we are fully equipped to make your kitchen a dream come true. This extensive catalogue introduces you to our world-class Kutchina products.

I extend my deepest gratitude to my dear customers, for it is your trust, support, love and encouragement that has made Kutchina a brand, vibrant, cost-effective and at par with international standards.