Hon. Consul - Republic of
Macedonia in Kolkata

Mr Namit Bajoria is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Macedonia in Kolkata. In addition to Macedonia’s embassy in New Delhi, Macedonia has three other representations in India including Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai. India maintains a consulate in Skopje, capital of the Republic of Macedonia.

The Republic of Macedonia embassy is one of 423 foreign representations in India, and one of 172 foreign representations in New Delhi. The Republic of Macedonian embassy in New Delhi is one of their 86 diplomatic and consular representations abroad.

Indians and Macedonians share ties which go back to the times of Alexander the Great. In recent times India, and Kolkata in particular, has a strong emotional link with Skopje, the capital city of The Republic of Macedonia, through St Teresa of Calcutta, who was born in Skopje. Mr Namit Bajoria, Honorary Consul of The Republic of Macedonia, was present at the St Peter’s Square, Vatican City, on 4th September 2016 for the Canonisation of St Teresa of Kolkata.

Currently, The Republic of Macedonia maintains 40 embassies abroad as well as 57 consulates and 3 other representations. The Macedonian capital Skopje hosts 30 embassies, and in addition there are 32 consulates and 2 other representations in Macedonia.